The Amazon Filler Item Finder for Free Super Saver Amazon Shipping


Unless you've been hiding in a cave on eBay somewhere, you may already know Amazon has become the source of the best bargains on the web and now is the most popular destination for the online shopping community. Amazon offers everything from A to Z, and when it's time to deliver the goods they even offer FREE Super Saver Shipping on eligible items.


So what happens when your cart falls short of the $25 minimum? That's where the Amazon Filler Item Finder comes in handy.


Finding Cheap Filler Items for Amazon.com Free Shipping


Why are cheap filler items so important?


Here's a typical situation. You toss a few of your favorite dvd's in your cart. At checkout you see the message:


cheap filler item image "Wait! Add $3.17 of eligible items to your order to qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping."


So you begin to scour the "jungle" of a site for cheap filler items to just knock your total over $25. Well, this can be the most tedious task next to finding an honest used car salesman. Wouldn't an...ahem..."filler item finder" be extremely helpful right about now?


Using the Amazon Filler Item Finder you simply enter the amount needed in the search form and it returns items for the specified amount or a bit more. You click the item you want and you're done. That simple!


Spending $3.17 to save $8.50 always makes "cents".


Like the story so far? Take the Amazon Filler Item Finder out for a test drive..